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Benefits of AWV Commercial and Heavy Duty Dampers

Over a century of dedication to quality products and customer satisfaction has enabled AWV to become an industry leader in the design and manufacture of commercial, industrial and heavy-duty dampers. Our commitment to provide our customers with quality products and customer service has kept us a leader in the damper industry. From backdraft to volume control, our dampers service a variety of markets, including transportation, nuclear, marine, military, oil & petroleum, as well as HVAC requirements for commercial office buildings, hospitals, schools and more.

Wide Range

AWV offers a wide range of standard damper products.

Custom Solutions

We offer custom engineered damper solutions to fit the exact needs of specific projects.

On-site Testing

AWV’s manufacturing plant, in Bradner, Ohio, has a state-of-the-art AMCA certified Independent Lab on-site, to ensure our products stand-up to quality and performance needs. We can even arrange for customers to witness this testing process if they would like.


We have ample experience adhering to a wide array of civilian and military manufacturing codes and requirements.