Project Spotlight — Coresite SV4 Data Center

Project Overview

Located on the CoreSite Santa Clara campus in Silicon Valley – the newly renovated SV4 data center is a state-of-the-art modern structure. It combines architectural aesthetics with functional excellence, facilitating high-density, compute-intensive requirements for CoreSite clientele.

The SV4 offers access to a robust ecosystem of hundreds of cloud, network, and IT providers. It takes highly efficient cooling and ventilation capabilities to keep this facility running smoothly.

You can visit CoreSite Realty Corporation for more insight on specifications for CoreSite’s Silicon Valley SV4 data center.

For the CoreSite SV4 Data Center, these ventilation needs were improved with help from AWV.

The air design specialists at AWV took into account the unique ventilation needs of the data center that features state-of-the-art equipment to boost the site’s functionality. AWV’s louvered equipment screens were chosen to provide a unique architectural design that gives the building a truly unique visage while also adding to its functionality.

Of CoreSite’s 4.1 million square feet of data center space, the SV4 campus alone takes up more than 775,000 square feet of space. It provides for the deployments of cabinets, cages, and private suite solutions to their clientele.

With the level of cooling needed to keep the facility in working condition, a vision screen system that does not inhibit airflow was a necessity. Additionally, the design elements needed to be installed quickly, as data centers like Coresite’s SV4 are scheduled to be constructed faster than most other types of commercial buildings.

Design Factors: What We Considered, How We Got It Done

AWV’s louver screens resulted in a structural facade that improved the client’s efficiency while contributing beautiful, modern aesthetics. These louver screens are designed to limit vision while allowing uncompromised lateral ventilation through the facade. Screen walls like those applied to the Coresite SV4 datacenter are engineered with structural integrity and aesthetic improvement in mind.

AWV’s high-speed production lines were equipped to meet CoreSite’s project schedules. AWV offers professional engineer-certified structural calculations on all screen wall designs, which helps take some work off the architect’s plate. At the end of the day, AWV works with customers to ensure that our construction process will meet the needs of these urgent project timelines.

By nature, Mission Critical Facilities like Corestite’s SV4 data center must have a durable and low-maintenance infrastructure. If the core functions of the facility need to be halted due to maintenance needs, then the business and it’s productivity would suffer. Downtime due to maintenance is not an option. Luckily, AWV’s products are built to last. That’s why AWV provides a 20-year finish warranty with all of our painted products. Our screwed together construction even allows for quick field replacement of parts, if necessary.

The mechanical equipment is sufficiently concealed behind our low air resistance, louvered vision screens — helping CoreSite maintain a modern and angular look without exposing unattractive mechanical equipment. AWV has various options, shapes, and finishes available for architects to select from.

AWV’s rooftop vision screens optimize the S4’s rooftop space and enhance the data center’s architectural design. Short lead times, resilient design, and energy efficiency are all requirements for data center construction, and AWV excels in all of these aspects.

If you’d like to learn more about architecturally striking ventilation solutions for your data center project that can be installed quickly, contact a team member at AWV today for more information.