Exterior Design Improvements For Better Data Center Protection

We are currently living in the age of big data, where every bit of information counts. From our telecommunications system to our financial institutions and public health – we are heavily reliant on data, and as a result, data centers.

The importance of data centers to the modern business ecosystem is best illustrated by the growing expenditure on data center systems, which is expected to top $208 billion in 2020 alone.

Just like all physical structures, they are prone to damage when faced with extreme weather. However, unlike other physical structures, any damage to the data center can have far-reaching adverse effects on private businesses, government institutions, and the average consumer.

An important design consideration that goes into a data center is the assessment of its strength to withstand extreme weather. With such incidents predicted to rise, it is important to invest in weather-resistant construction equipment in order to protect the data center.

How Can You Reduce the Risk Faced By Data Centers?

Whether you want your storm louver to be a central design element or want it to blend in with your buildings' aesthetic, AWV has options that work for every situation. All of the following designs are constructed of aluminum and are tested and certified per AMCA guidelines.

This kind of protection safeguards against any water, debris, while simultaneously providing for air ventilation.

LE-36 – 6" Hurricane louver with 50.4% Free Space

For buildings subjected to extreme hurricanes and tropical storms, the LE-36 louver should be your preferred choice. Certified for AMCA 540, this louver is suitable for buildings in hurricane prone regions. If required to comply with AMCA 550, an integrated 2” wind driven rain louver option is available. This insert fits right into the frame adding no extra depth to the louver, making this one of the thinnest drainable blade louvers that comply with both AMCA 540 and 550.

Free Area -

Pressure Drop -

LE-32C – 6" Combination Hurricane Louver with 51% Free Space

This louver provides both a louver and damper in single slim design. It has 0.15 w.g. of pressure drop and 1250 fpm first point of penetration, and it can easily be installed in both open and closed structures with easy drainable stationary blades and filtration.

Certified for AMCA 540, 550 and Miami -Dade County approved, this louver is suitable for use in all hurricane prone environments.

LE-68 – 6" Wind-Driven Rain Louver with 48% Free Space

One of AWV’s highest performing louvers, the LE-68 is an architect’s favorite. It is approved for use in Florida and Miami Dade county and is also certified for AMCA 540 and AMCA 550.

The vertical blade orientation allows for superior protection against the elements while providing a distinct design for the building facade.

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As data centers become integral to the modern lifestyle, protecting them from imminent extreme weather danger is essential. AWV offers a wide range of architectural louvers that are not only weather-resistant, but will add a dynamic appeal to your structure.

If you'd like to learn more about our architectural louvers, get in touch with us for further advice and guidance about the product.